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3 Gems of Wisdom You Must Implement Now

#motivation #writing #loveyourself #positivity Have you ever wanted to do something so badly, to have something so much you can't bear to fail? You have to succeed or else your whole world might fall apart? I think you might have, in some way or another, maybe not to the extreme feelings as those, but in a form of it. I don't think i'm the only one out there that struggles with the fear, the debilitating self doubt, the voice which tells us we will never be good enough. The v

5 Mistakes That Will Derail Your Novel, And How You Can Fix Them

#writing #amwriting #howtowrite **(this post contains affiliate links at no cost to you) Waiting for Lightning to Strike Now, I don’t mean this literally. What I mean, is that you don’t have an idea so you sit around on your hands and wait for one to come to you. Bad news my friend, that is one of the worst ways to get started on your novel, or if you’re midway through, to continue it. The same could be said about blogging as well. I mean have you ever sat around waiting for

Gift Ideas for The Writer/Blogger In Your life

#writing #gifts #blogging #12daysofchristmas *this post contains affiliate links at no cost to you I've been thinking a lot this season about giving and receiving. I've done a lot of receiving lately, mostly for myself and I wanted to try to be more mindful of my actions and have a more giving heart. If you see these items and fall in love with them, then by all means, get them, even if they are for yourself. I won't judge you. I've got a few writers in mind while I researche

12 Days of Christmas Writing Prompts

#Christmas #Writingprompts #Writing Here are some prompts for your writing enjoyment this season. Let your imagination run wild and take the story wherever you feel it will go. If you need some guidance in writing, check out my guide to writing. Try to set a small word goal for each day. Have a Merry Christmas! And if you love it please share my site with your friends. Day 1: She found herself alone after the company Christmas party walking down the alley close to her house.

Beginners Guide To Writing (Even if You Work Full-Time)

#writing #lovewriting #newwriter What is the barrier to starting something you want to do? Something new and daunting, say like sitting down to write a novel, or maybe a blog post? Is it fear holding you back? Self-doubt? Maybe you just feel overwhelmed by everything you've read so far and you don't know where to start. Well, keep reading on my friends because I'm going to help you overcome those nagging thoughts in your head telling you that you'll never do it. So grab a cup

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