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12 Days of Christmas Writing Prompts

Updated: Dec 7, 2017

Here are some prompts for your writing enjoyment this season. Let your imagination run wild and take the story wherever you feel it will go. If you need some guidance in writing, check out my guide to writing. Try to set a small word goal for each day.

Have a Merry Christmas! And if you love it please share my site with your friends.

Day 1:

  • She found herself alone after the company Christmas party walking down the alley close to her house. Her heart thuds for no other reason than she’s a female walking alone. But she’s done it loads of times and has been fine. But just there, at the end of the alley, almost near her apartment, she sees something….

Day 2:

  • Charlotte opened her door to find yet another present. Again, there was no name. It’s been a year since her fiance’s tragic death. Could these be from him, she wondered…

Day 3:

  • The phone rang, he answered it, his heart thudding behind his ribcage. “Hello.” His swallowed down his fear. “It’s time,” the unknown voice said. “It’s too close to Christmas, I can’t do that to them.” The voice spoke again, “Do it or they won’t live to see Christmas.”

Day 4:

  • They’d done it, finished their shopping and all that was left would be to wrap the presents. But as she loaded them in the back of the car, her husband walking the basket back, a gloved hand wrapped around her, covering her nose and mouth, then darkness overtook her.

Day 5:

  • Sherry finished her dinner after a slightly awkward dinner with her boyfriend. It was supposed to be a romantic dinner, but he’d been acting so strange. He ordered a dessert and as it was brought out, she watched as he took out a tiny black velvet box and bent down on one knee. He says…..

Day 6:

  • “Mommy, is Santa real? This boy at school told me he wasn’t,” her daughter sobbed. She gathered her into her arms, wiping the tears away with a gentle mother’s touch. “Yes, dear, as long as you believe then he is. Let me tell you a story….”

Day 7:

  • Becky had just finished her second batch of Christmas sugar cookies and placed them on a cooling rack. She had to cool them before the decorations could be placed. She’d just placed the last perfectly round one down when the doorbell rang.

Day 8:

  • You awake after a family dinner, Christmas with the in-laws, and one too many eggnogs to find a glimmering woman in your bedroom. She tells you you have the chance to visit one of these places: Hogwarts, Apartment in 221 B Baker Street, or Narnia. Write about your adventure in one of those places.

Day 9:

  • Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, all is quiet and you’ve just finished tucking away the children after a bedtime story. You lay down, turn off the light and are about to close your eyes when you hear a noise. It sounds like someone’s in the house. Decide which direction you want to take the story: either a happy story, or maybe you want a darker story. It’s your choice today!

Day 10:

  • You’re alone on Christmas Eve, you desperately don’t want to spend it alone. Your heart was freshly broken within the last month. By coincidence you think of a love, long ago you’d wished you’d explored further. By chance, you see the person in a coffee shop. Write about where that leads you.

Day 11:

  • Write about your ghosts of Christmas’ past. Like Charles Dickens’ story, what are your ghosts? Create your adventure from those.

Day 12:

  • It’s Christmas morning and you’ve opened all your gifts but one. You open it to find a strange device and none of your family says it’s from them. Write what happens next.

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