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Interview with a Vampire--Jaxon from DAMAGED, The Change Series

Today we have the famed Jaxon Carrington from The Changed Series. I know if you haven't read the book yet, you'll be falling for him just as hard as Elise (the female lead) did in the series.

(And who doesn't love a hot and steamy vampire? This one doesn't sparkle though.)

***Possible spoilers so read on if you don't mind. Click to order.***

So, for the purposes of this interview, I'll be using initials. KS for me, the writer and JC for of course, Jaxon.


KS: Let me start by saying it's wonderful to have you here today Jaxon. I do hope I don't get too flustered by your presence.

JC: Don't worry about it luv, I'm used to flustering all the ladies. (He gives me a dashing smile.)

KS: I spoke with Elise recently and she had such good things to say about you. But I don't want to start with questions about your relationship as much as the young female fans are dying to ask. My first question is, did you think, when you took the role, you'd be more of a leading man, or did you want a smaller part?

JC: When I first came in, I really didn't know what I wanted. I auditioned for the role that Alek plays for my first reading.

KS: Well, I'm definietly glad you were cast as her main love interest instead. I just couldn't see you being the darker, more sinister brother.

JC: (His mouth tilts up in a smile, his dimples prominent on the side of his mouth) I'm glad too. Of course I could've played the part, but, being Elise's main love interest, the part was just too good to pass up.

KS: Of course, of course. So, can you tell me what is it or rather, when did you know you were actually falling for Elise in real life?

JC: (His cheeks lift, his dimples growing larger) Well luv, it actually took me a bit to realize I suppose. I mean I saw the way she looked at me, but I thought it was her just playing the part. I actually thought she wanted Alek for the longest time.

KS: You did? That's crazy.

JC: Mm Hm. But I think it was the third of fourth time we kissed. I mean it was always amazing, ya know luv, but, and I think she thought I was a bit daft, but she actually told me her feelings first and told me she thought I wasn't interested.

KS: Wow, so what happened next?

JC: I didn't tell her at first, we went for coffee She got her favorite, the pumpkin latte, and I told her how incredibly beautiful she was. (He looks off for a moment, thinking). Right. I think it was her strikingly different eyes which captured me.

KS: How did Elise seem when she found out you were a vampire?

JC: At first, I think she was terrified. Afraid I wouldn't be able to control myself around her, but I've been around for ages. Finally she loosened up and got used to the idea.

KS: So who really changed her into one of you? Alek or You? Is it true the way it is in the book?

JC: I don't think I can answer that luv. Spoilers.

KS: Can you at least tell us what's in store for you both?

JC: (He grins). Now luv, you know I can't. It wouldn't be fair to new readers.

KS: Well then, thanks again for coming and I hate to wrap this up so soon, by all means I wish I could keep you forever. (I think my cheeks heated a tad bit)

JC: Thanks again luv. (He reaches in a gives me a quick peck on the cheek and I think my heart stops for a moment. His lips were so cold.

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