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Her Fate Cannot be Avoided

Updated: Nov 22, 2017

Elise thought she had it all figured out. At least she thought she did until her parents were tragically taken away.

Now, she has to pick up the pieces which used to be her life and move on. Of course she has her best friend, Ana, to help her, which has made the whole situation bearable.

But after a chance encounter at school, the world as she knows it is about to drastically change. She discovers she is different and her life, her future hinges on her decision. To top it off, she finds herself having to choose between two gorgeous men and to make it worse, they're brothers.

With no mother to confide in and only a best friend who doesn't know everything, she struggles to do what she thinks is right. But with hardly information to go on, she faces her decision without all the facts.

Now, will the consequences of her actions be her redemption or her downfall....

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“Come on Elise we’re going to be late for our first day of senior year. Seriously, what the heck is taking you so long?” Ana’s voice whined into the phone.

Sometimes I really hated the sound.

I placed my cell phone on my vanity, pressing the speaker button so I could throw on a little bit of makeup. Normally I didn’t worry too much about my appearance but who knew what might happen.  “Chill Ana. It’s the first day they won't give out tardy slips yet.”

“OMG Elise. Do you seriously think I’m worried about a tardy? You’re such a nerd. There’s this new guy in town and I don't want to miss getting a good look at him.” Barely contained excitement laced her voice.

I rolled my eyes almost smudging the mascara I just applied. I should've known that’s what she was worried about -- a boy. Here I was, worried about keeping my grades high so I can get into an Ivy League—the important things in life. Of course, she only has eyes for the boys in town. I laughed to myself. Go figure.

“Ana, I’ve got to hang up if you want me to finish any time soon. I should be down in a sec.”

I put the finishing touches on my mascara.  I mostly wore eyeliner and mascara to highlight my eyes, which apparently are my best feature according to Ana. I’ve always found that they garnered too much unwanted attention. One was green and the other a soft violet hazel color. People always stared as if they couldn't understand what they were seeing, but Ana, she’d always loved them and wanted me to flaunt them. I’d be perfectly happy to wear dark glasses every day and avoid the awkward staring contests.

 I made sure the shiny areas on my face were covered with some powder. Normally, I didn’t give much of a crap about my appearance and never wore much makeup. It took too long to put on in the mornings and I loved my sleep and didn’t want to sacrifice it. I usually woke up late, threw on some mascara, an old t-shirt and some jeans. They usually had at least one hole in them and some Doc Martens. Most of the time, I pulled up my hair into a messy bun or ponytail. It was really the perfect routine, it was one which hardly required any effort at all. I poured so much effort into my studies, there wasn’t time to keep up with the trends of the day.

Ana on the other hand, she was a flawless beauty without even trying. She was practically the complete opposite in looks and personality than me. I envied her. She was gorgeously a natural blonde with legs that never ended. I was five feet three inches. So, picture us together and guess who usually received the most attention.

She was constantly pestering me to let her give me a makeover. She usually wore short but tasteful miniskirts that showed off her toned legs, and her outfits were always put together with cute shoes and makeup that matched her outfits. She never missed a day of looking perfect. I felt like if I said yes, it would completely change the person I am. I liked myself, well kind of, and I felt if I started wearing makeup like her, or dressing like her it would only be a mask when deep down I would know the persona I showed was not real. In all honesty, I didn’t know what Ana saw in me.

I grabbed my most comfortable hoodie hanging from the end of my bed, which totally completed my outfit. I checked my back pocket, and finding my phone in place, bounded down the stairs to meet her.

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