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Authored Book, Damaged, The Changed Series


Book 2 of The Changed Series.


With her life turned upside down, Elise embarks on a mission as a powerful vampire-witch hybrid. But when the darkness threatens to consume her, and she suffers a loss so great she couldn't possibly return, will she make the right choice?

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Authored Book, Damaged, The Changed Series


Book 1 of The Changed Series.


After the loss of her parents, Elise Engle realized her life would never be the same. Her dreams of going to Harvard were slipping away with each passing day.

Suddenly a mysterious new boy at school throws her whole world into chaos by igniting a spark inside of her and unveiling her family’s secrets. As her power begins to grow, Elise is ca
ught off guard when the new boy’s brother shows up with a seemingly villainous agenda. 

The more Elise uncovers, the more she begins to realize her life is hanging in the balance. 
There is a darkness within her….
A desire…..
Waiting… for Elise to let down her guard.

Writer. Author. Thinker. Storyteller.


The wait is over. Damaged, The Changed Series is over here! Thrilling and entertaining.



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